Summary week 1

Today I’ve been thinking that this trip might turn into a falafel and wine trip with less biking and solar panels research than I intended.

Therefore, I need to do a short summary of accomplishments so far on the trip: 

1. Navigation progress. I learnt by experience that navigation is crucial on a cycle touring trip. We had some shaky experiences before I realized that I could use google maps offline navigation. You just set the route when you have wifi and then navigate, preferably with your earplugs plugged in, offline. Works perfectly fine and you can focus on riding in any conditions. Preferably badass.

2. Warm showers. Tonight we’re spending the night at our third host. A nice woman in the outskirts of Berlin who has more bikes than I could ever dream of. She does touring with her husband and gave helpful tips about riding by the Elbe, up to Bornholm and further down by the Polish border, plus she fed us dried tomato pasta. Warm showers is a great way to meet people. 

3. Solar panel chit chat. We had ridden by a house twice on our way to the Buddhist festival, and finally knocked on the door to see if he would talk to us. He would, and he told us about the politics and economics about his panels. Valuable acquaintance.

4. Kadampa Buddhist festival. We’ve spent three days at a Buddhist centre, attending teachings and guided meditations within this tradition. Truly valuable. 

5. Night riding in hard conditions. Midnight riding from the bus stop in Berlin out to our hotel was the greatest adventure so far. Doable thanks to offline navigation and good bikes. 

6. German falafel and cheap wine. Yes, we’re digging into the goods of this country: when we got home from them festival last night, Forest went to get some falafel and fries and I poured the sweet, cheap lovely wine for us. We enjoyed it in front of watching the new Twin Peaks on the hotel tv. Yummy.

After all, we’ve done quite a bit and no need to worry that the trip will be empty of experiences.

That’s the kind of list I make when I need to feel better about what I’m doing. 

Tomorrow: downtown Berlin! 


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