There’s something deeply satisfying in badass navigation.

Me and Forest have got quite a bit of night riding in these past few days. It means to get up from a nice and cosy indoor position, hop into the cycling clothes and onto the bike. We’re attending a Buddhist festival and we stay at a hotel 19 km from the site, so we get two rides per day. 

The morning rides are pretty rough, my legs are used to longer rides to wake up, but it’s nice to get a morning ride in before all the sittings at the festival. 

The night rides, on the other hand, are exciting: you need to conquer any weather condition and get onto the bike and navigate through the darkness no matter what. 

Yesterday we had rain and wind and navigated with a new method: downloaded the route from google maps, went offline and got the instructions from headphones. This took a lot of stress off my shoulders and it’s nice to just rely on a voice that tells you where to go. And you don’t have to worry about getting your phone wet. 

Today we had a chillier temperature and a crazy moonlit, starry sky. The moon was low, giant and orange. I saw a shooting star. 

I think night riding appeals to me because it forces me to push the limits. And I always feel faster than usually, although I’m usually slower. And the sky is much more interesting to watch. 

That’s all for now. Tomorrow we’re staying at a warm showers host again, close to here. Then we will spend a few days in Berlin.

After that: west, east or south. 


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