Day 5: night ride 

I’m in heaven. I can’t think of another way to end a day than a bike ride through the outskirts of Berlin in the dark, all lit up by the full moon. 

How it happened? Well, Xavier messed with our plans of catching the subway, and we had to put on an offline navigation from a subway stop 18 km from our hotel. 

Easy, we thought.

You’ll just see, replied Xavier.

And google maps navigated through the narrow streets and cycle paths and onto a road almost completely covered in a fallen tree. The path was wet with leaves and we were in the woods. Forest took off as the true Canadian path finder he is, and I thanked higher powers for my tyres and my lamp. And my muddy gravel riding skills, as the path turned into a path worse than a low budget cyclocross race where nobody really had had the time to maintain the track.

There was mud, water, leaves and silence and everything was overlooked by the full moon. 

It was actually quite peaceful. 

And i knew why: because of offline navigation. We knew all the time exactly where we were going. This is the very key to peace in mind while riding in a foreign place. 

However. As we carried our bikes across one fallen tree after the other, I came to think of the Blair witch project movie, although not as scary. And I came to think of all the gratitude I felt towards the Ridley at the moment, and the quiet moon and all the leaves and how the woods seemed to be endless.

We rode along, and as we started to approach our destination, I felt grief. I could have carried on for hours. 

It’s all about the navigation, and the dark, and the full moon.

It’s mysterious how day 5 could turn out like it did. 

But it did. 

And I love it.

Good night. 

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