Day 3 and how it turned out 

Jag är lika trendig som tjejen i afrokrull, uppvikta shorts och fotriktiga stövlar som väntar på grön gubbe. Och lika trendig som lillkillen i regnjacka, kvinnan med väska och mannen i grönt bakom mig. Eller lika otrendig. I Köpenhamn är alla cyklister bara just människor på cykel. Just för att de är så många. 

It’s lovely how day 3 could turn out so well.

The first highlight was to sleep in. We woke up at 11:25 and couldn’t quite take in that we had slept for twelve hours; through the morning routines of our hosts and even without earplugs. This was the first highlight of the day. I got up and fixed my puncture in the rain, and our dear host Stefan came out with a pump and ended up glueing my punctured tube. Then he offered us oat meal and we decided to stay another night to cure Forests cold. 

So today was gonna be Copenhagen day. 

Stefan accompanied us down town and we biked around and ended up in Christiania. After some food and a good talk about veganism, we headed home. 

My feet were pieces of frozen flesh. This was a lesson from this day: to wear proper shoes for cohiy weather riding.

We were rewarded with the cycling culture of Copenhagen. Or rather, the cyclist as a part of traffic. In Copenhagen, you’re not just some annoying creature on two wheels bumming around: you’re a part of traffic with your own lanes and traffic lights and others count on you to be smart and polite. Therefore, you are.

Forest was the pathfinder for the way home and I could study the moon. In that moment, when Forest stopped to check a turn and I looked up at the moon, I knew that I was going to do lots of more bike trips with bags in the future. 

The night cycling was another highlight of the day. 

And coming home and sharing some wine, avocado and vegan cheese on a piece of bread just about did it. 

And if that wasn’t enough to make our day, we could always look at the tube that was put out to dry after being fixed by our lovely host.

Tomorrow we’re heading south towards Nykobing and Gedser to catch a ferry to the German town Rostock. 

That’s all for now, good night.

Katja hade nog sagt att detta är ett så kallat livsstilsfoto: halväten macka av trendigt snitt med fräsch avokado och rätt sorts ”ost” flankerad av nymalen svartpeppar som liksom RÅKAR hamna utanför mackan. Ett vinglas på det med lagom mycket asdyrt ekorekovin i. Yeah… låt det vara min livsstil. Gärna ihop med den hipsterkänsla jag fick idag när jag körde cross i storstan i fullmåne och kortkort.

Jaaaaaa, det får gärna vara min livsstil ❤ 

Här bor vi inatt Btw 

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