Boobs to bars

This blog was born right before I went to Canada. Before I went back to Canada. I went there to visit my friends and host family from back in 1998 when I spent a year there as an exchange student.

When I returned, some friends had become kick ass cyclists. My closest friend Kaz had moved to Squamish (famous for its climbing but also mountain biking), and got into downhill biking.

We went riding and she brought me through the Canadian rain forest up the hills on steep trails. The only problem was; I couldn’t ride uphill. The bike just wouldn’t obey. And i knew why:

We didn’t wear clip in shoes. We rode in our running shoes, in order to be safe at descent.

And she said the magic words. She said: Boobs to bars Anna, boobs to bars.

And I lent forward, and I put my chest against the bars, and I got up.

Then we went downhill.

Downhill is both a direction and a term for a special kind of biking. The style is characterized by curvy slopes where riders are supposed to be jumping and leaning on their bikes in order to get down safely. Riders better not use the brakes too often, or lean forward. And riding unclipped also makes sense because it gives you a closer sensation to the pedals and puts you in control of the bike.

To me, this style of biking was similar to what we call ”motor cross”, where you ride a motorized two wheel cycle across small hills.

I loved it, even though I was scared as hell. And I loved watching  Kaz, my friend since 17 years, jumping across and ride away, full speed ahead and in total control of her vehicle.

Kanada, Island, Köpenhamn, Barcelona, London 2015 392

This is my first blog post in English. There will be more.


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